Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 2014

dec 2014
cold weird feeling end of left foot
nil bidy twinges
last MRI, no new developments since last year
all good
and new medcine as capsules[/] rather than injections. sounds real good

Saturday, June 14, 2014

this date, mid June-2014

this date, mid June-

have had slight numbness over a coin size area of pointer knuckle right hand for a few months

extreme tiredness One day- weird.

Weakness in right leg one day- sort of collapsed mid step walking down stairway to ground? interesting, once only.

Extreme weakness combined with lack of sleep resulting in walking and falling over- or was that a few drinks?

Some tingling down the legs with bending the neck, a few times a month but not for more than when it is noticed- odd- like it is not all the time!

Eyesight in left side appears to be returning to ful strength after nearly 21 months- still could not count on reading with it alone, but driving and all else- just fine. And about time too- 6 weeks recovery my thin ass.