Time Line

Time Line Relapsing and Remitting MS- mild case

A summary of course

2006  ?  Touch- Small numb skin areas- legs, knee cap. Hmm. Interesting. Not permanent.

2008  ?  Sight-  Red was not bright red in one eye- saw sight specialists- nothing wrong... Continued with various degrees of difference between eyes on colours.

2009 ?  Pins and needles different part of lower body and legs while driving one day, especially when nodding the head- weird, continued for a time.

2011 Easter ? mentioned above symptoms one day to my sister- who said get a diagnosis.

2011 mid year after seeing GP- got to see Monash Neurologist Dr Dominic- after testing later suspected MS, made appointment to see Ernie Butler- agreed- MS

2012 early - see specialist, nothing more, no treatments advised as was Mild case

2012 later September 26 wake up and LHS eye, half blinded, two days before returning to FT work, pretty serious- had to use microscope and describe rocks! Pretty serious, and what about driving? Wikipedia helped soothe me, 6 weeks should get it back- nuh uh- two years later- still hard but can read again with the left eye on good days, but colours still greyish

2012 October appointments and a start on Copaxone injections in th ehope of staving off new episodes/attacks/relapses

2014 current update- nothing serious at all, some pins and needles during the last twelve months in lower body on nodding- again. A few days or less.

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